Day 5 of 40x40

Of 33 here in Europe. I’ve been taking a lot of photos of graphic inspiration — smart logos, great entrances to shops, textured and layered windows, funny posters at design markets — but they are too numerous for me to write all about now. So here are a few that make a lot of sense:

  1. Bar L’Amistat. Friendship in Catalan. Look at all those funny faces in the letterforms. A perfect marriage. And yes, there were people inside.
  2. This wine store had the magical ability to also serve wine. If you’re looking to buy a bottle, why not sit and try something out before you buy it, and get in the shopping mood? They also had pinchos (snacks) and beer on tap. This copita (small glass) was 1,50 Euro (about $2).
  3. Taverna Can Margarit, as recommended by my friend Bill, invites you to unwind from your day (yes, even at 10pm when I got there for dinner) with a cup of their own house-made wine in this reception area before you enter the dining room (just beyond the red doors in the back). Those white odd-shaped tusk-looking things are tall wax blobs made by putting candle atop candle atop candle. Being surrounded by the barrels in a chill room before entering the warmth of the dining room was like an airlock of awesome.
  4. Oscar H. Grand and I talked for about a half an hour regarding my first custom-tailored coat, cut for me and to my preferences with his recommendations. I wandered down this street and he was playing 30s “In The Mood” era music which caught my attention. I walked in and saw all of his amazing shirts and pants, but it was this waxed cotton raincoat with the high collar and contrast stitching…. Ahh, to fall in love with design. Some people make it so easy. He is super pro and very talented, which you can see from his site. I love that the construction and fabric retrieval will take about a week,and I will still be here.
  5. I like the three different windows on this house. Gives it lots more personality than regularly placed windows. Fenestration — look into it!
  6. Sometimes I’m walking and I do double-takes on things I should snap pictures of. This half-block construction site is one of those things.