Coach as catalyst. Mentor as mirror.

Coaching client Anshuman from Assam, India via Hangouts

Coaching client Anshuman from Assam, India via Hangouts

High-performing athletes have trainers, therapists go to therapy, and professional communicators sometimes need help communicating. How can I help you?


As an emerging designer or new grad, we can talk about your next steps, or options for where you want to go long term. I can help you find the story in your work, and sell that story on your existing portfolio site. I’ll help you market yourself and make connections. This type of coaching can be reserved whenever and as often as you need.

30 minutes, as needed.


Make an outstanding impression for your upcoming keynote, presentation, or portfolio review. Gear up for a new and exciting endeavor by knowing how to articulate your value. Fine-tune your pitch and get actionable feedback. This type of coaching requires a two meeting minimum, ideally three or more meetings for reviewing progress.

45 minutes, two or more meetings.


Let’s explore possibilities and some answers to all your questions, focusing on your strengths. Get clear on your next steps with a supportive sounding board. This type of coaching affords us time to more deeply unpack complex situations, and explore potential ways to solve problems. You’ll gain clarity, insight, and actionable next steps.

60 minutes, as needed.

People I’ve coached have received job offers from…

Jason Huff

“Over four sessions, Josh helped me sharpen my outline, improve my presentation skills, and gain confidence. I landed the job I wanted most and got specific positive feedback on my presentation during the interview. I couldn’t have done it without Josh’s candid feedback and commitment to helping me succeed.”

Jason Huff, Product Design Manager, Netflix

Lindsey Pollock

“I was weighing a career change into DesignOps, and Josh was instrumental in helping me understand a relatively new career sector in the design world.

Josh helped me negotiate a salary and build a proposal for my employer, while providing encouraging moral support along the way!

His passion for DesignOps and helping others succeed was evident from the beginning. I am grateful for Josh's insight and genuine support as I make this exciting leap into something new. If you have a chance to work with him, I highly recommend you do!”

– Lindsey Pollock, DesignOps, Output

Ash Guillaume

“Silverman is gold!

When I decided that my design career needed an upgrade, Josh’s coaching helped me hone in on my unique value. He has a beautiful way of helping you unfold the answer. He is a perfect example of what a mentor should be.

I loved working with Josh and would not have felt nearly as prepared for the interviews that would soon transform into my next job!”

– Ash Guillaume, DesignOps, GitHub