A brand standards guide — also containing elements of a UI guide, style guide, pattern library, and content strategy — is a constraint for collaborators to consistently express a company’s values. These guides help at any stage of an organization’s growth, and absolutely ensure success as you scale. They are the visual and verbal spine to your company’s body. And everyone will benefit from having one.

Watch my class to learn in dialogue with the in-studio audience, dozens of virtual guests from around the world, and a few featured special guests:

  • Jennifer Jeffrey from Secret Sauce, who tells us the fundamentals of content strategy and why we need to start with why
  • Jesse Reed, previously of Pentagram, who gives us insight into his two tremendously successful Kickstarter campaigns about standards manuals for two highly visible systems that millions of people use every day
  • Jeremy Perez-Cruz, previously of Pepsico, who shares with us how he accomplished in two years what the global company has needed for decades

Together, we unpack how to create a brand guide that is comprehensive, actionable, and easy to use. You’ll learn: 

  • What a brand guide is and how to use it 
  • Components of a brand guide and how to create your own 
  • How large and small businesses apply brand guidelines 
  • How to have the conversations you need with collaborators, staff, and your boss

Whether you are a designer working with clients, a solopreneur, a small business owner, or working on branding in-house, Building a Brand Book: When, Why, & How will help you develop a better understanding of branding and how to develop guidelines everyone can use.