Hello & welcome.

I’m a designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, community organizer, and eternal optimist. I enjoy collaboration, conversation, and a great story. 

I create relationship aesthetics. This means I pay close attention to commonalities and connections among people; I curate teams and cultivate conversations.

Since 1995, I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with startups and Fortune 500 international corporations, cities and national non-profits, artists and community orgs like these below. For 20 years, I ran Schwadesign, a holocratic network of independent experts, where I curated custom teams of 2 to 25 to meet individual client needs. Here’s a selected client list.

Currently, I’m in-house as Twitter’s first Design Producer, where I manage and facilitate weekly design critique for 50 designers, I’m re-establishing a design education program, and ushering in a new design system and set of principles for the global design and engineering team. This work is social, strategic, and situational. It’s an awesome, diverse, talented team, and there’s plenty of great work to do. Meanwhile:

  • I’m General Assembly’s first Visual Design Fellow, and currently teach there and at Creative Live. I’m always always interested in guest lecturing & critiquing
  • I consult with founders and nascent startup teams – yours or mine – on product design, content strategy and early messaging, marketing and pitch decks, coaching and building teams via Startnership
  • I co-produce events with SF Design Systems Coalition
  • I’ve been a professional member of AIGA since 1994, and enjoy networking and producing events with my local chapter, as well as cross-pollinating design and entrepreneurship communities with StartOut 
  • I’m writing my first book, about first meetings

I’m based in San Francisco, a beautiful place to walk, bike, and eat avocados. I spend my free time cooking, cycling, camping, hiking, and exploring places I might build a house in the woods.

You can reach me by email or Twitter. Thanks for stopping by. 


Photo by Nick Aitken