And welcome. I’m a designer, entrepreneur, educator, advisor, and optimist. I enjoy collaboration, conversation, and a great story. 

I create relationship aesthetics. This means I pay close attention to commonalities and connections among people; I curate teams and cultivate conversations. Over the past 20+ years of my career I’ve had the pleasure of working with startups, Fortune 500 brands, artists, cities, non-profits, and universities like these below. Here’s a more complete list of clients.

Currently I’m in-house at Twitter as their first Design Producer, where I manage and facilitate weekly product design critiques, contribute to our design system, and am building a design education program. My work there is social, strategic, and situational. It’s an awesome, diverse, talented team, and there’s plenty of great work to do.

Meanwhile, I teach at General Assembly and Creative Live, consult with founders and small teams on their startup’s design needs via Startnership, co-produce events with SF Design Systems Coalition, network and produce events with AIGA SF and StartOut, and am writing my first book. Previously, I ran Schwadesign for 20 years.

I’m based in San Francisco, a beautiful place to walk, bike, and eat avocados. I spend my free time cooking, cycling, camping, hiking, and getting lost.

You can reach me by email or Twitter. Thanks for stopping by.


Photo by Nick Aitken