A to Z (but not X)

I spend so much of my life on the web, I was struck about the ease of getting to my most frequented sites by typing the first letter. Here’s what each letter is in my world. What’re yours?

A is for amtrak

B is for brown.edu/cis — we do a lot of work with their Web Services department

C is for calendar.google.com

D is for drive.google.com

E is for etsy

F is for facebook

G is for gmail

H is for hellomrmag.com

I is for ideo.org

J is for jri.org — one of our largest non-profit clients

K is for kayak

L is for linkedin

M is for maps.google.com

N is for nytimes.com — shame about the &gwh removal being turned off

O is for okcupid

P is for posterous — but not for long

Q is for quickbooks online

R is for rihumanities.org — a recent exciting prospect

S is for schwadesign.basecamphq.com — the classic version!

T is for teamgantt.com

U is for underconsideration.com

V is for vimeo

W is for webmail.schwadesign.com

X isn’t for anything.

Y is for youtube

Z is for zipcar