Eames inspired… man I just got so tired

Inspired by the Eames molded plywood chair, I envisioned a continuous ribbon of wood that would encourage feelings of floating while sleeping. Plus, at 6'4" I’ve always found footboards inconvenient. I shared inspiration with and commissioned a sketch from a RISD industrial designer named Erik Askin, and he made a few suggestions about structural integrity.

Many years later, I sourced Green Piece Furniture on Treasure Island in SF, and worked with the founder, Nick, on the schematic. I visited his workshop a few times to see the work in progress, and to document molding the plywood and adding the walnut veneer. 

Now that I have been sleeping on the v1 prototype since Summer 2016, and enjoy its smooth lines, I have a few notions about improving the v2... I’d be delighted to talk with a wholesaler about mass manufacture, wink.