Designers & Geeks resources

Thanks for coming to the event tonight! Below are resources I covered, and a few I didn’t:

  • The People Layer, my Medium post which provides a historical narrative about my path to these realizations, a broader societal context, and greater details on solving people problems
  • Meeting Design, the recently published book by Kevin M. Hoffman
  • Range, the startup building healthy workplace habits, and the Medium post that quoted its co-founder, Braden
  • User Manual of me, by Cassie Robinson
  • Level Up, a framework for self-assessing team performance, by Designer Fund
  • Design Better, a series by Invision on team performance – including videos, workshops, conversations, and more 
  • DesignOps Canvas (modeled after the business model canvas) by XPlane
  • DesignOps Summit 2018, to be announced
  • B Corporations, companies which meet standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency